Jamnagar Navy Half Marathon

They say nobody can beat Gujarat when it comes to hospitality.They also say nothing fills you with greater pride than being among men from the Defence Forces.How about we club the two and bring you the ultimate running experience?
Join the Indian Navy in the hospitable land of Gujarat at the INS VALSURA. Choose between the Half Marathon, 10k or 5k—however far you think you can push your limits.  Get your family and friends along and celebrate this unique chance to run shoulder-to-shoulder with the toughest citizens of the country.
Remember: we can never be fighting on the borders with these brave hearts of India. We can never be training with them either. This is the only chance you have to run alongside them. Support them. Make them feel the respect they rightfully deserve. And earn your pride in return.

See you in Jamnagar—where the food is sweet, the people are sweeter, and the medal you win will be the sweetest! Ae Haalo!