About INS Valsura

 During the peak of the Second World War, the Royal Navy felt the need to augment training facilities in the domain of Torpedo handling & operations. HIMS Valsura was created to fulfil this need & serve as the Torpedo Training School;

The establishment was built on Rozi Island in Jamnagar, a site donated by the ruler Nawanagar state, Colonel Digvijay Singhji Jadeja hearted royal, he agreed to part with 30 acres of land from his game reserve for a token rent of Rs1 per annum.

The establishment was commissioned on 15 December 1942 by then Maharani Gulab Kunverba Sahiba of Nawanagar. A few months after India became republic, HIMS Valsura was renamed as Indian Naval Ship Valsura.

#KnowYourNavy Indian Naval Ship Valsura was commissioned on 15 December 1942 as HMIS Valsura. The unit traces its origin to a Torpedo School for the Royal Indian Navy. The foundation stone for the unit was laid at the Rozi Island off the mainland. 

The land is an oasis in the arid region of Saurashtra, and is blessed with a unique flora and fauna. With the advent of electricity and automation on warships, Valsura became an Electrical Training School in 1946. After independence, the HMIS was dropped and the establishment was renamed INS Valsura on 01 July 1950. Starting from the lone block inaugurated in 1952, the establishment has witnessed sustained growth over the last 75 years in size and stature. Today spread over 574 acres, Valsura prepares Electrical Sea Warriors to keep IN platforms combat and mission ready at all times. INS Valsura trains over 1,000 officers and 3,000 sailors of the #IndianNavy, Coast Guard and friendly foreign countries in the domains of Electrical, Electronics and Weapon engineering and Sensor systems annually. In addition to ab-initio Specialisation and Pre-commissioning training, the establishment conducts capsule and customised courses. For this purpose, there are schools for Basic Electrical Technology, Electrical Equipment and Information Technology and a Centre for Electronics Engineering. Keeping pace with technology, a Medium Voltage Lab to impart hands on training for Electric Propulsion was inaugurated in 2018. In recognition of the reconstruction effort led by Valsura, after the devastating earthquake in January 2001, the unit was awarded a special citation in 2001 and once again in 2015. ‘Valsura’ is named after a type of fish with long snout found along the Saurashtra Coast. The crest represents the fish ‘Valsura’ over White and Blue sea waves with lightening flashes against Blue background. The motto in Sanskrit taken from the Upanishads, ‘Tasya Bhasa Sarvamind Vibhati’ means’ ‘radianceilluminates everything’.